Teddy Bears Around The World started as a project with a school mascot called José,  The bear enjoyed roaming the world, getting to know new places and meeting interesting people.

This blog provides the space to hang out and communicate with different teddy bears around the world to hear more about their lives and adventures. This will allow our students to see each other’s countries, customs and traditions through the eyes of our “teddy bears” and open their horizons through a more global perspective.
The idea is to have an ongoing exchange (no deadlines, no pressure) to contribute stories, photographs, videos or podcasts.

These contributions can be from the teddy bears point of view or from the students’ point of view telling a story ABOUT their teddy bear. We could have seasonal posts or specific “story starters”, such as:

  • … “Teddy” celebrates Thanksgiving in USA (other country specific holidays)
  • … “Teddy” is going to the movies
  • … New Year’s Eve tradition
  • … “Teddy” and his favorite foods
  • … ”Teddy” looses his first tooth
  • … “Teddy” watches TV
  • … ”Teddy”’s favorite fairy tale
  • … “Teddy” celebrates his birthday
  • … Christmas trees around the world
  • … Playgrounds around the world

If you are interested in hanging out with us, please contact me with information about your school and teddy bear and to receive a username to participate on this blog.