The Travel Bear is off to Costa Rica & Belize

The view from our room (our stateroom) on the ship in Port Everglades, Florida.

Here you can see me playing Mini Golf on Deck

We are at the Sloth Sanctuary and we saw the skeletons of 3-toes and 2-toed sloths. The difference between the sloths is that the 3-toed sloth has 3 toes on each foot in the back and in the front both feet have 2 toes. We also saw baby sloths!

We got a picture with a real live sloth! The sloth felt very soft. It was very exciting and also very fun. Sloths always look like they are smiling.

We went on a canoe ride at the Sloth Sanctuary. I saw catfish, a wild sloth, and much more! It was so so exciting!

The Travel Bear with a Baby Sloth

Watch a movie of Leo, the travel bear observing a Baby Sloth in Costa Rica.

Everyone loves Leo and were happy to pose with him! We were on a boat when this picture was taken. You see above the guy's head is our cruiseship.

Our next and last stop was Belize - a small country north of Costa Rica in Central America.

We had a pina colada without rum that was YUMMY! !!

We took a buggy ride around Belize City with 2 guides. One of them is pictured here with Leo.

This was our horse for the city tour. I thought the houses were small and the city people were friendly. The city has different types of people living there. For example, Chinese people came to build the railroads and they still live there. They own a lot of stores.

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  1. Peek-A-Boo
    Peek-A-Boo #

    This looked like a really fun trip! My classmates thought the baby sloth was so cute!

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